I'd Love To Hate You Nail Polish - F01

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I'd Love To Hate You is a dark red/purple nail polish with a creme finish by Précision Nail Lacquer.
  • Color: Dark Cream Mauve

  • Finish: Creme

  • Bottle Size: 16 ML., .55 FL OZ. (Average Bottle Size .50 oz.)

  • Best Used With: Précision's Strengthening Base Coat & Quick Dry Top Coat for durability, ultimate shine and smoothness.

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I'd Love To Hate You is a dark red/purple nail polish with a creme finish by Précision Nail Lacquer. It's 1 of 6 nail colors in the "Toxic Love" Fall Collection. Our nail polishes and nail treatments are vegan, eco-friendly and 3-Free: free of tuolene, formaldehyde and dbp.


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Application Tips

For Best Application Results

  1. Use nail polish remover to completely remove any dust, dirt or previous nail polish color. Nails should be clean and clear. We recommend using Précision's Cuticle Oil to rehydrate and moisturize the cuticles and skin surrounding your nails. Simply apply gently around the surrounding nail area and cuticle. This will help nourish and keep your cuticles healthy.

  2. Prior to nail polish, apply a base coat (we recommend using Précision's Strengthening Base Coat). Highly recommended for weak, brittle and damaged nails. It allows weak nails to heal from within and still enjoy a splash of color.

  3. Shake the nail polish to mix ingredients thoroughly inside bottle (like mixing paint before you paint your wall). This will distribute the color and formula inside the bottle, creating a nice even texture and shine. In our bottles we use 2 stainless steel balls instead of 1, for faster and better distribution of color.

  4. Apply the nail polish and the amount of coats as desired. Every individual will experience different application results depending on their preference, skill and nail beds. We always recommend at least applying 2-3 coats for full coverage.

  5. After you've applied your nail polish, wait about 1-3 minutes for the nail polish to be semi-dry. Then apply a top coat over the nail polish for resilient shine and smoothness. We recommend using Précision's Quick Dry Top Coat as it contains a non-yellowing formula so that nail polishes stay vibrant as the first day it was applied. Quickly dries nail polish in 45-60 seconds.

  6. Once nail polish is dry, you're all set! If followed the steps correctly, you should have long-lasting coverage and durable nails for about a week.

Why Choose Précision

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Précision Nail Lacquers

  1. First of all, the name Précision says it all. (Pri-'se'zhen): creating beautiful nails with accuracy of performance.

  2. Newly designed polish handle for easy gripping and control.

  3. Over 100+ colors to choose from to color your soul, mood and creativity.

  4. High gloss shine and durable wear for women on the go.

  5. Silky fine brush strands for smoother coverage yet still resilient in holding its shape.

  6. An array of nail treatments to suit your needs, for healthier and stronger nails.

  7. Non-thickening, high quality & professional formula in all our nail lacquers. (Longer-Lasting Coverage & Good till the last drop)

  8. Our specially designed bottle gives you an aerial view of the nail color for easier visualization.

  9. Overall thick luxurious glass bottle that embodies beauty, distinction and glamour.

  10. All nail polishes and nail treatments are eco-friendly and 3-FREE. Free of Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP.

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